The Hogan Guide

The Hogan Guide

The Hogan Guide


This 334-page guide provides an in-depth look into Hogan’s comprehensive suite of personality assessments which help companies select employees, develop leaders, and identify talent.

New users of Hogan assessments will find this a valuable reference to the core concepts behind the HPI (Hogan Personality Inventory), HDS (Hogan Development Survey), and MVPI (Motives, Values, and Preferences Inventory).

The book is divided into three parts:
1)  Understanding the inventories: History, global portability, scale definitions, and performance implications of results on a scale-by-scale basis.
2)  Interpretation methods: including configural, conflict, and competency interpretation.
3)  Developmental feedback delivery, coaching and supporting.

Advanced users will also appreciate its breadth, as every conceivable aspect of the tools is covered in one concise document.

The tone of the book is business-oriented, not academic—although its academic and scientific underpinnings are solid. The book is organizated in a clear way and its layout is conducive to finding information quickly.


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