Customer Stakeholder Survey

The Customer Survey is a wide-ranging, in-depth survey that measures the satisfaction levels of your customers.

The Customer (Stakeholder) Survey provides a ready-made action plan for aligning your business strategies with service issues and helping your people focus on improving customer outcomes.

By identifying key issues, opportunities for improvement and providing action focused recommendations, the survey can be used as part of an annual health check for your organisation and input into your business planning cycle.

Measures customer satisfaction levels and provides a ready-made action plan.

Why the PBC Customer survey?


Both qualitative and quantitative feedback can be provided to reinforce development feedback.

Action planning

The Customer Survey makes specific recommendations for immediate action planning.

Compare over time

Reports can include pre and post scores to measure change over time.

Measure ROI

Capture Return on Investment on your customer initiatives.

Privacy and Security

We comply with all industry best practice privacy and security requirements.

More Information

  • Provides valuable insight into your client's opinions
  • Can be used as part of regular organisational reviews and to inform business planning
  • Scores can be compared over time to measure change and identify return on investment from customer initiatives

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