Employee Opinion Survey

The Employee Opinion Survey is an easy-to-administer, anonymous questionnaire that captures employee feedback on issues critical to your organisation’s success.

The Employee Opinion Survey captures employee feedback on issues critical to your organisation’s success. It provides your employees with an opportunity to have their say independently and anonymously on a range of key business engagement and personal engagement themes including alignment, improvement, customer, communications, culture, development, motivation, leadership, benefits, accountability, teamwork and wellbeing.

The PBC Employee Opinion Survey provides a ready-made action plan for improving employee satisfaction, engagement and building a high-performance culture. The results can be used as an annual health check for your organisation and provide a key input into your annual business planning cycle

No company can win over the long run without engaged employees who believe in the mission and understand how to achieve it.

Why the PBC EOS?

Capture employee feedback and act on it to improve satisfaction, engagement and performance.


Both qualitative and quantitative feedback can be provided to reinforce development feedback.

Action planning

The EOS Report makes specific recommendations for immediate action planning.

Compare over time

Reports can include pre and post scores to measure change over time.

Measure ROI

Capture Return on Investment on your employee initiatives.


Compare your data to relevant external benchmarks.

Privacy and Security

We comply with all industry best practice privacy and security requirements.

Report options

Full reports with data and summary options to capture demographic groups.

More Information

  • Provides valuable insight into your employees’ opinions and engagement on performance and culture
  • Can be used as part of regular organisational reviews and to inform business planning
  • Scores can be compared over time to measure change and identify return on investment from employee initiatives

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