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At PBC, we believe that as you become more senior in an organisation, your technical skills become less important and your leadership capabilities become more important. We therefore offer a range of executive coaching and mentoring options which focus on identifying workplace behaviours (Hogan 360), identifying the personality traits that sit behind these behaviours (Hogan Personality Assessments) and facilitating development plans to outline which behaviours to “keep, stop and start” doing.


PBC believes the key considerations for a successful coaching program include:

  • Finding the right coach 
    Given coaching can be a very personal experience, we take time to find the right coach to ensure individuals have the opportunity to maximise career potential. We can utilise the Hogan Personality Assessments to ensure there is a good likelihood of aligned personality preferences between coach and coachee, ensure that individuals have the opportunity to maximise their career potential.

  • Understanding the coachee 
    Feedback from our clients has indicated that utilising personal assessments, such as the Hogan Assessment instruments and 360 degree feedback, facilitates a highly targeted approach to understanding the coachee’s strengths and areas for improvement. This results in measurable improvements in participant’s knowledge (knowing what to do) and personal effectiveness (knowing how to do it).

  • Linking personal goals to the organisational strategy
    This ensures that personal improvement results in business improvement and ultimately business success.

  • Evaluating progress 
    Quantitative and qualitative measures (such as the Hogan 360) are used to evaluate the coaching program on an ongoing basis including business results and KPI’s.


Our team of consultants and associates represent coaching expertise across a range of industries, organisational levels (from CEO to frontline) and technical disciplines, and are appropriate for frontline supervisors through to senior executives, CEOs and board members.

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