Hogan EQ report

The Hogan EQ Report assesses emotional intelligence, the ability to identify and manage your own and others’ emotions.

Based on the Hogan Personality Inventory and Hogan Development Survey, the easy-to-understand report provides an overall EQ score, as well as scores and feedback for six emotional competencies.

Hogan measures EQ by assessing the bright-side personality characteristics that contribute to individuals’ ability to identify, process, and manage emotions, as well as the dark-side personality characteristics that can interfere with their ability to do so.

The Hogan EQ Report provides organisations with a scientifically validated tool to measure emotional intelligence. It provides an overall EQ score, as well as a summary of likely behaviours, strengths, and limitations associated with different levels of performance.

By assessing EQ, companies can provide employees with the self-awareness they need to develop strong interpersonal skills and, ultimately, boost their emotional intelligence, which will in turn boost their career success.

Why the Hogan EQ Report?

An easily interpreted report to provide insight into 6 key EQ scales.


Uses Hogan’s HPI and HDS to provide input based on bright side and dark side personality characteristics.


Validated against emotional intelligence domains.


A range of norms available including Australian.


Available in a range of languages.


Online delivery and instantaneous report generation.

Privacy and Security

We comply with all industry best practice privacy and security requirements.

Accessible portal

Our easy to use portal enables full administrative control and a positive candidate experience.

Ease of Use

Easy to interpret report.

Related Assessments

Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI)

The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) describes normal, or bright side personality – qualities that describe how we relate to others when we are at our best.

Hogan Development Survey (HDS)

The Hogan Development Survey (HDS) describes the dark side of personality – qualities that emerge in times of increased strain and can disrupt relationships, damage reputations, and derail people's chances of success.

More informations

  • Can be used for both employee selection and development
  • Easy to interpret report which does not require certification
  • Can be used to inform individual and group development programs
Language Availability
  • Bahasa Indonesian
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Danish
  • English (US and British)
  • German
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Serbian
  • Turkish

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