Hogan General Employability

General Employability, part of Hogan's Select series is a selection report designed to help you identify the highest performing candidates for entry level roles.

Organisations need an effective way to evaluate large applicant pools, but many entry-level positions don’t need exhaustive, time-consuming analysis. General Employability, part of Hogan's Select series, uses a streamlined, brief assessment to provide a visual representation of a candidate’s basic ability to do the job. The quick snapshot displays how employable a candidate is based on their people skills, learning skills, and work ethic, along with a fit recommendation and customised interview questions.

Hogan Select General Employability measures how well a candidate expresses the three key characteristics of well performing employees: People Skills, Learning Skills, Work Ethic

Why Hogan General Employability?

A simple measure fit for entry- level roles


Designed to predict general employability across a range of entry level job roles.


Validated against employability success criteria.


Can be used in volume selection applications as provides an overall fit recommendation.

Ease of Use

Easy to interpret report that doesn’t require certification.

Accessible portal

Our easy to use portal enables full administrative control and a positive candidate experience.


Online delivery and instantaneous report generation.

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More information

  • Provides simple reporting on a candidate's general employability
  • Can be used to rank candidates in volume selection programs
  • Ideal For entry-level or hourly positions, high-volume recruitment.
Language Availability
  • English, US
  • Romanian
  • Spanish

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