A key challenge for organisations today is to identify, nurture and retain entrepreneurial talent.



Organisations are increasingly seeking ways to gain and retain a competitive advantage in their respective fields. According to French Economist Jean Baptiste Say, entrepreneurs create value and stimulate economic progress by finding new and better ways of doing things.

Entrepreneurship research indicates that entrepreneurial people tend to leave large organisations because they do not feel valued by their employer.


Therefore, a key challenge for organisations today is to identify, nurture and retain entrepreneurial talent.

More Information

  • Selection and Recruitment- META can be used as a quick tool for recruiting and selecting people with entrepreneurial potential, to identify the hidden talent in organisations, and to benchmark entrepreneurial talent.
  • Talent Management- META provides clear and explicit information that can be used to identify individual strengths and weaknesses, and to guide strategies for managing and rewarding entrepreneurial people.
  • Entrepreneurial Culture- META can be used to evaluate and map entrepreneurial orientation, to reshape the culture of organisations, and to inject a real appetite for creativity and business innovation.
  • Team Building- META can be used to build high-performing teams, ensuring that the best possible combination of people are brought together to produce a synergy and maximise creative output.
  • META is the only scientific tool specifically designed to identify entrepreneurial talent and empirically proven to predict entrepreneurial success.
  • Designed by leading scholars from Goldsmiths University, New York University and University College London in collaboration with Harvard’s Entrepreneurial Finance lab and the UK Government, META is the result of a comprehensive 4-year research program.
  • META is the only validated psychometric tool for identifying entrepreneurial talent and has been shown to predict entrepreneurial performance across sectors, job types, and levels of seniority.

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