MINT is a web based personality inventory that predicts the risk for Counterproductive Work Behavior (CWB).

Counterproductive Work Behaviours refer to behaviours that are intentional and contrary to the organisation's interests, such as tardiness, being rude or abusive, recklessness or theft.

CWB is prevalent to some extent in all organisations. Combatting and compensating for these kinds of behaviours can be both difficult and costly. In worst cases it can lead to legal actions and lasting harm for the brand, but even the most common, everyday occurrences of CWB - such as low attendance, taking excessive breaks, intimidation, lying or rudeness will generate costs in the form of a deteriorated working environment, lowered motivation levels and lack of collaboration.

Using MINT to screen applicants drastically reduces the likelihood of letting high risk individuals in to your organisation.

Despite awareness of the damages and expenses caused by CWB, few organisations focus on prevention.

Why Mint

Measure counterproductive work behaviours that can cause harm to your organisation.


Designed to measure counterproductive work behaviours.


Online delivery and instantaneous report generation.


Global norms available.

Privacy and Security

We comply with all industry best practice privacy and security requirements.


Can be used in volume selection applications.

Administration options

A range of administration options are available from a full Bureau service to full self- administration.

Accessible portal

Our easy to use portal enables full administrative control and a positive candidate experience.

Supporting Documentation

Access supporting resources such as technical manuals.

More Information

  • Screening
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Research

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