PSI Ability Tests

Cognitive ability tests are a strong predictor of overall job performance available today. PSI’s Employee Aptitude Survey (EAS) and Basic Skills Test (BST) series of assessments provide accurate cognitive ability tests, correlating with overall job performance.

Using the EAS and BST organisations can determine candidates’ likelihood of success for jobs within their organisation, and make significantly better hiring and promotional decisions.

Through PSI’s Basis Skills Testing, organisations can measure fundamental skills, such as reasoning, numerical ability, perceptual ability and verbal ability.

PSI’s Employee Aptitude Survey allows organisations to predict performance for occupational grouping throughout the organisation – from entry-level to management, measuring cognitive, perceptual, and psychomotor abilities including reasoning, numerical, verbal, and spatial ability.

Each employee contributes to an organisations success. Measure the abilities of your applicants or employees, and quickly focus on those candidates who have the most potential.

Why PSI?

Measure specific aptitudes and skills quickly and easily.


Designed to predict occupational success.


Online delivery and instantaneous report generation.


Can be used in volume selection applications.

Ease of Use

Easy to interpret report.


Used from entry level to senior leadership roles.


A range of norms available.

More Information

  • For specific roles or to assess specific job-related aptitude
  • Can be used to stack rank candidates based on cognitive ability
  • Useful for volume selection programs
  • Able to be used across all job levels

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