Certification and Qualifications

Hogan Safety Report Qualification

Evaluates workers along six safety-related competencies for safety critical environments.

Certification and Qualifications
20 min
2 prerequisite
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20 min


Safety training programs continue to neglect the overwhelming cause of workplace catastrophes: human error.

The Hogan Safety Report use personality assessment results to evaluate workers along six safety-related competencies. The report can be used for screening job applicants based on safety-related behaviour, developing employees in existing workforce by identifying safe tendencies and providing necessary feedback to build and maintain a culture of safe work practices.

*This is a complimentary qualification


  • Based on unsafe work behaviour research since the 1970s
  • Identifies six distinct scales of safety related behaviour
  • Determines three areas of general employment fit
  • Based on the Hogan Personality Inventory
  • 15-minute average completion time

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