Case Study - Hogan Profiling, Leadership and Team Development



Peter Berry Consultancy was asked to use Hogan Personality Profiling for the playing and coaching group to build individual and team awareness. We were asked to provide an assessment that would allow the coaches to better manage and coach the players. We were also asked for advice about selecting a stronger player leadership group, that could display effective leadership during and between games. Our brief was also to make our work educational and motivational.


Peter Berry Consultancy was engaged to use Hogan Personality Profiling for the whole playing and coaching group, a total of 50 people. We then facilitated a workshop to release the profiles and educate the group about potential strengths and weaknesses. We then identified which of the players had obvious leadership traits that would be useful in selecting the new leadership group. We conducted a Leadership Program for this group. We developed a behavioural code to improve the culture which in turn would improve the performance. We then coached the coaches as to how to appreciate the individual differences and needs of the players to get the best results from them. A number of players had one on one feedback sessions with Peter Berry to enhance self awareness and self management. Peter Berry Consultancy is engaged on an ongoing basis for further Hogan assessments and for coaching the coaches.


The outcomes are:

  • Greatly enhanced opportunities to understand the individuals, the team and the coaches to improve performance
  • A new player leadership team in place
  • A behavioural code in place to enable a high performance culture
  • A coaching group that understands the importance of psychology in motivating performance


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