Improve Workplace Safety

Advances in equipment and procedures have improved worker safety, but traditional safety training programs continue to neglect the overwhelming cause of workplace catastrophes: human error. Using SafeSystem, you can identify safety-minded candidates, focus and improve training, and recognise and repair safety-related gaps in your organisational culture.


Evaluate the Safety Climate

Our Safety Climate Survey identifies breakdowns in workplace culture that make accidents more likely to happen.

Identify Unsafe Workers

People engage in unsafe behaviour at work for many reasons. The more they persist in this behaviour, the more likely on-the-job accidents become. Through years of research, we identified six measurable safety competencies that are captured by our Safety Report. By assessing incumbent employees and new applicants, you can form a more safety-conscious workforce.

Implement Top-Down Change

Safety starts at the top. We give you the tools to train leadership to provide the data-based feedback needed to build and maintain a culture of safe working practices.

Beyond Assessment

Our unique approach allows your company to benefit from the powerful data in the Hogan Safety Report beyond the typical one-time assessment:

We deliver a comprehensive, interactive explanation of the safety reports to ensure proper interpretation and utilisation of the information contained in the report.

Our straightforward, three-step coaching process enables employees and supervisors to discuss report results and develop individual action plans to maintain and improve safe behaviour.

We provide the tools your supervisors need to deliver focused, successful feedback.

By combining the powerful insights and suggestions in the Hogan Safety Report with your supervisors’ on-the-job knowledge, you can create a continuous loop of feedback and development that will improve engagement and establish a culture of safety awareness.  Incorporating the results of the Safety Climate Survey will ensure that your organisation is taking a whole systems approach to safety.


Safety Report for Development

The Safety Report for development provides a graphic summary and interpretation of a candidate’s safety-related behaviour. These results outline strengths and areas of concern relating to a general employment fit for a particular work environment. Download Sample

Safety Report for Selection

The Safety Report for selection outlines candidates’ strengths and areas of concern relating to a general employment fit for a safety-critical work environment. Download Sample

Safety Climate Survey

The Safety Climate Survey provides an organisation with a staff perspective on their approach to safety along 10 safety climate dimensions. Download Sample

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