Safety Solutions for Individuals

Does a worker panic under pressure? Do they ignore important safety precautions? Do they become easily distracted and bored?

Safety training can help employees become safer, but if an organisation doesn’t have the insight into how individuals contribute to workplace safety, even the most extensive safety programs offer limited success.

Organisations need employees who think and act safely. Generally, 60% to 80% of preventable workplace accidents are attributed to operator error (personality). Personality impacts safety behaviour.

The Hogan Safety Report provides insight into the likely safety behaviours an employee will demonstrate in the workplace.

The Hogan Safety Report:

  • Provides individual participant scores against six safety-related personality competencies
  • Is useful for screening job applicants with regard to safety
  • Is useful for developing employees’ safety capability
  • Provides necessary feedback to build and maintain a culture of safe work practices
  • Includes a selection support pack with interview guides
  • Includes a development support pack with development plans and discussion guides
  • Requires completion on an online webinar (insert link)

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