Safety Solutions for Organisations

Organisations have a legal, financial and ethical obligation to create safe environments for their employees, customers and the public. To build a more engaged, safer corporate culture requires an ongoing commitment to:

  • Hiring the right people
  • Educating employees at all levels
  • Driving a safety culture from the top

Our primary organisation-level diagnostic for safety, the Safety Climate Survey, identifies ways to improve the safety culture of your workplace. This survey captures anonymous feedback from employees, provides a critical safety risk analysis and measures key safety attitudes across the organisation, providing insight into areas requiring improvement.

The Safety Climate Survey measures the following safety awareness indices:

 Management Safety Attitudes – How aware is management of safety issues?
 Supervisor Safety Attitudes – How aware are supervisors of safety issues?

 Company Safety Attitudes – Is the company aware of safety issues?

 Co-worker Safety – Do my colleagues work safely?

 Equipment and Training – Do we have adequate training and/or safe equipment?

 Compliance versus Commitment – Is the company dedicated to improving safety?

 Measurement – Is safety adequately measured?

 Culture – Does the company regularly communicate their expectations regarding safety issues?

 Myself – Do I value safety and/or feel that my company is a safe place to work?

 Company engagement – Does the company connect with the employees on topics of safety?

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