Senior Leadership Team Development

Solution: Senior Leadership Team Development
Industry: Telecommunications
Products: High Performing Team Assessment (HPTA)


In collaboration with an industry partner, PBC supported the delivery of a team-based solution for a senior leadership team within a multi-national telecommunications organisation. With a culturally and geographically diverse senior leadership team, the organisation’s board requested a targeted development program to improve team cohesion and effectiveness.


PBC worked with our industry partner to implement a team-based diagnostic that would enable a baseline assessment of team effectiveness, as well as the opportunity to track progress and improvement after the program. Using the High Performing Team Assessment (HPTA), the senior leadership team were able to rate the performance and culture of the team and explore key team characteristics such as communication, trust and strategy. An additional unique aspect of the project involved developing a customised HPTA which enabled the organisation’s board members to provide ratings on the senior leadership team. In effect, this allowed for a “team 360” to be completed, whereby the team’s ratings were compared with the ratings of the board.


The completion of the HPTA provided the team with the opportunity to identify their key strengths and areas for development in order to enhance their effectiveness. The team was also able to benchmark their scores alongside the ratings provided by the board, one of the key stakeholder groups within the organisation. Moving forward, the senior leadership team have committed to regular meetings to improve cohesion and to target the development areas identified through the HPTA. A repeat administration of the HPTA will enable them to track their progress over time.

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