Business Planning

Have you got the right business plan for your organisation? Can it be cascaded through your organisation?

Putting in place an effective business plan will help to ensure a sustainable and successful future for your organisation.

At PBC, we incorporate the following key factors into our business plan development:

  • Financial and operational goals
  • Organisational values,
  • Customer expectations and experiences
  • Stretch goals, milestones, and KPIs – always with the end goal in mind
  • A strategy to cascade the plan throughout the various levels of the business
  • A structure to incorporate the plan into the regular business planning cycle

To ensure a targeted, accurate and effective plan, we take a data driven approach to business planning, incorporating a number of diagnostics including:

Finally, our PBC consultants can help to put the business plan in action – assisting organisational leaders to drive performance and ensure sustainable growth.

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