Change Management

Our consulting team facilitates major change programs by understanding where you are and where you need to be – and identifying the best way to get you there.

PBC’s expertise in leadership, business planning, people and culture provides the necessary skills to undertake targeted, cost-effective and sustainable change management projects in order to get companies to where they want to go.

Our change management programs include:

  • A range of individual diagnostics (such as the Hogan Personality Assessments) to improve our clients’ self-awareness and provide them with insights into those around them in order to lead their team through change
  • Team/Organisational assessments (such as the Safety Climate Survey or Employee Opinion Survey) to gain an understanding of the current climate of the team or organisation and identify recommendations on where they need to be
  • Years of experience in delivering change programs
  • Latest change models and frameworks

PBC has worked with many organisations across a range of industries in the private and public sector to maximise outcomes for significant change management projects. Projects include mergers and acquisitions, organisational restructure and organisational culture change (including safety culture).

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