Organisational Engagement

Studies consistently show that when engaged with the organisation, employees work more efficiently, are less likely to leave their jobs, and more likely to take pride in their work and that of their company.

PBC believes that it is important for organisations to understand the level of engagement their employees have with their business through use of diagnostic measures. These diagnostics provide a starting point from which organisations can build targeted action plans to address and identify areas requiring improvement.

“Engagement is the best diagnostic measure of an organisation’s wellbeing and potential.” (Institute for Employment Studies, 2009.)

The Employee Opinion Survey (EOS) is PBC’s primary diagnostic to capture employee feedback on issues critical to the success of your organisation. The data captured can be used as a:

  • Key input into your annual business planning cycle
  • Key performance indicator on people
  • Starting point for managing and tracking cultural change
  • Guide for planning your human resource activity

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