Custom Competency Report

Hogan Assessments offer a number of off-the-shelf reporting options that use personality characteristics to predict job performance, however, where possible it is advantageous to customise the reporting options to suit not only the organisation but also the target role.

Hogan Assessments have been included in hundreds of validation studies to predict performance across the various roles. When the Hogan tools are used as a basis for work-related decision making (e.g., pre-employment screening, high-potential identification, succession management), Hogan strongly recommends employing a research-based implementation approach that involves documenting a statistical relationship between the assessments and performance as defined within the target role or job family.

Research-based competency reports yield valid, legally-defensible, and objective decision guidelines capable of identifying individuals who possess at least a minimal degree of the personal characteristics and competencies required for successful performance within the target role or job family.

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