Success Profiling

Since economics, meteorology, and medicine are based on scientific rather than lay predictions, let us follow the same logic when the goal is to understand people.
(Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic- Can Human Potential Be Measured? A Psychological View, Forbes Magazine, 03 Feb 2015)

Understanding personality preferences and behavioural competencies that are predictive of on-the-job success helps organisations select and develop the right talent to grow their business.

PBC works with Hogan assessments tapping into decades’ worth of research and data collection to develop success profiles.

We provide our clients with off-the-shelf solutions through our Express and Basis reporting options, enabling them to take a more customised approach with the Configure platform for volume selection.

We also provide customised success profiles based on:

• Subject matter expert opinion about the role and competencies required for success in their role
• Hogan’s meta-analytic data which includes data from previous criterion-related validation studies for similar roles in similar organisations
• Correlations between Hogan assessment data and on the job performance metrics

Understanding how to measure for success provides our clients with a unique advantage to ensure they select and retain the right talent required for the future success of their organisation.

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