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What’s Holding the Team Back from High Performance?

I am privileged to work on a regular basis with leadership teams from a wide variety of backgrounds – both public and private sector. The big question that is usually being considered is “how do we become a high performing team?”  These teams are usually made up of talented and… Read More

Does the personality of graduates differ from other employees?

Organisations spend a great deal of money and effort to recruit graduates into their organisation. However, do graduates really differ from other types of employees and if so, what benefits may graduates bring to an organisation? Furthermore, what can organisations do to encourage the attraction, retention and development of graduates?… Read More

Hogan Subscales Upgrade

At Hogan Assessments and Peter Berry Consultancy, we constantly strive for ways to improve what we do based on your feedback. As such, we are proud to announce that Hogan Assessments has launched an easier and more meaningful way to interpret the subscale format. On May 3, all HPI and… Read More

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