Talent Identification

From scouting promising athletes to debating over the best way to help gifted children reach their full potential, society’s focus on talent is ubiquitous. Identifying talent is beneficial to developing a person’s skills, and in organisations, it’s essential in matching employees to the right jobs. Effectively recognising and nurturing talent allows businesses to develop leaders and reach growth targets.

Who are our talent? How do we define talent?

These are common questions we are asked by our clients. PBC works with a range of organisations, supporting them in understanding the capability requirements for their future talent; and implement an assessment solution to source this talent both internally and externally.

PBC’s approach to talent identification is aimed at finding a pipeline of future leaders and outstanding individual contributors. It includes:

  • Defining talent, now and for the future
  • Designing a multi-assessment model to identify talent
  • The use of personality and cognitive assessments
  • Design and delivery of biographical interviews, and
  • Use of performance data

PBC also supports organisations in understanding that talent may not be uniform across different levels, industries, or geographies.

PBC works with Hogan assessments’ exciting new innovation division, Hogan-X, which is exploring talent identification using new technologies.

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