Warren Kennaugh on “Fit” and Improving Performance

Warren Kennaugh is a behavioural strategist that has worked with thousands of elite sportspeople, athletes and professionals since 1996. He has also been a long time friend of PBC and a certified Hogan user since 2006. He specialises in the identification and development of elite performance, and his work combines Hogan assessments with performance.

PBC would like to congratulate Warren on his new book, Fit: When talent and intelligence just won’t cut it, which uncovers the characteristics, behavioural strategies and personality traits that underpin high performance. The book answers fundamental performance questions like:

  • Why is that some individuals are consistently high performers?
  • How do they keep performing in varying situations, organisations and contexts?
  • Why can some people just not seem to be able to crack that code?
  • Why do some individuals perform exceptionally well in certain organisations but not in others?

Warren was also recently interviewed by HR Daily on how to radically, rapidly and consistently improve performance. In this article, Warren talks about the difference between mediocre and elite performers that separates them apart.