The age of agility

The world of business as we know it is changing and the need to adapt and work with agility is paramount. Organisations that embrace agility are able to quickly and efficiently adjust their priorities to follow the most relevant opportunities.

Many leaders today find it challenging to cope with the increasing pace of change, much of which is driven by the digitisation of products, processes and business models. Individuals who successfully navigate through the opportunities and challenges of market disruption are referred to as agile leaders.

What makes an agile leader?

Today's volatile and unpredictable business landscape, shaped by digital disruption, requires managers to adopt an agile leadership approach.

Agile Leaders exhibit high levels of; humility, adaptability, vision and engagement. They also practice digital business agility through; hyperawareness, informed decision making and fast execution. Combining must have competencies with these agile behaviours, leaders are significantly better equipped to deal with today’s disruptive business environment.

Agile Leader Model

The Agile Leader model depicts the actions of agile leaders.

Humble: They are able to accept feedback and acknowledge that others know more than they do.

Adaptable: They accept that change is constant and that changing their minds based on new information is a strength rather than a weakness.

Visionary: They have a clear sense of long-term direction, even in the face of short-term uncertainty.

Engaged: They have a willingness to listen, interact, and communicate with internal and external stakeholders combined with a strong sense of interest and curiosity in emerging trends.

Agile Leader 360

The Agile Leader 360 measures a leader based on the Agile Leader competencies; HumilityAdaptabilityEngagement and Visionary, as well as the Agile Leader behaviours; HyperawareMaking Informed Decisions and Executing at Speed, providing a better understanding of how the leader is perceived in the workplace.

Hogan Agile Leader

The Agile Leader Report is intended to help leaders at all levels in organisations understand leadership competencies in the context of a digital business environment. The report identifies areas of relative strength and weakness that impact the ability to successfully lead through digital disruption.

High Performing Team Assessment (HPTA) Agile

The HPTA Agile is suitable for groups of employees with complementary skills and capabilities who have been brought together to achieve a specific purpose within a defined period of time. These teams may or
may not have a leader

Agile Packages

By using the Agile Leader report with the Agile Leader 360, you receive comprehensive insights into the agility of your employee. Combine this with the HPTA Agile report and you have a full understanding of how this employee and their team members work together in an agile environment.

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