Agile Leader 360

The Agile Leader 360 aims to assist leaders at any level gain awareness of how those around them perceive their ability to successfully navigate through the opportunities and challenges of disruption.

Many leaders today find it challenging to cope with the increasing pace of change, much of which is driven by the digitisation of products, processes and business models. Individuals who are successful navigating through the opportunities and challenges of market disruption are referred to as agile leaders.

The Agile Leader 360 aims to assist leaders at any level of an organisation gain a better understanding of how they are truly perceived by others and thereby improve their agile leadership potential. The Agile Leader 360 measures a leader based on the Agile Leader competencies; Humility, Adaptability, Engagement and Visionary, as well as the Agile Leader behaviours; Hyperaware, Making Informed Decisions and Executing at Speed.

Self-awareness is the first step towards further development. Find out whether your leaders are prepared for tomorrow’s leadership challenges.

Supported by the Agile Leader model developed by IMD Business School, the Agile Leader 360 provides a snapshot of a leader's attitude, behaviour and performance with both qualitative and quantitative feedback. The report reveals strengths and development opportunities and is measured against global benchmarks.

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Why Agile Leader 360?


Compare your data to relevant external benchmarks by sector, industry, leadership level and top performing quartile.

Measure ROI

Capture Return on Investment on your development programs.


Both qualitative and quantitative feedback can be provided to reinforce development feedback.


Available in 3 languages.

Action planning

The Agile Leader 360 makes specific recommendations for immediate action planning.

Compare over time

Reports can include pre and post scores to measure change over time.

Privacy and Security

We comply with all industry best practice privacy and security requirements.

Administration options

A range of administration options are available from a full Bureau service to self- administration.

Supporting Documentation

Access a large range of supporting resources such as technical guides, feedback guides, facilitation materials, development activities guides, online qualification webinar.


Can be used with individuals and teams across all leadership levels. Individual and group reports available.

More information

  • Leadership development
  • Career development
  • Talent identification
  • Talent development
  • Cohort analytics
  • Team building
  • Succession planning
  • Monitoring organisation change
  • Internal and external benchmarking
  • Analytics
Language Availability
  • English (UK)
  • English (US)
  • German
  • Additional languages available upon request

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"The immediate impacts to the business were leaders were able to make some small changes to their behaviour immediately to be seen as more effective by their stakeholders."

Jennifer Vos
Learning & Development Manager
Robert Hogan - 360

In addition to their expertise with the Hogan assessments, PBC has developed a superb stand-alone 360 assessment that parallels the Hogan suite. The Hogan 360, powered by PBC, is also a uniquely powerful method for evaluating and enhancing the performance of teams—there is nothing like it anywhere for team development.

Robert Hogan
Founder and President, Hogan Assessments

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