The Unforeseen and Unintended Consequences of Bans on Personality Testing

It’s a long way from home but highlights many of the (incorrect) arguments we hear against psychometric testing. --- On February 13th, the Nevada assembly heard a proposal for a new bill, Nevada AB132. The bill itself is only 2.5 pages... Read more

Personality Assessment and Performance Management

A critical task for leaders is to ensure that their followers are working efficiently toward the organization’s goals. In business,... Read more

Diversity and the Dark Side

Diversity in the workplace remains a top concern for HR professionals and hiring managers. Changing the hiring process is a... Read more

Super Bowl LIII: A Lesson in Potential and Effective Leadership

In January of 2017, Les Snead, the general manager of the Los Angeles Rams, had a tough choice to make. Hired... Read more

VIDEO: Bob Hogan on the Nature of Human Nature

According to Hogan Assessments founder Robert Hogan, life is about competition. There’s competition within groups to attain status, and those... Read more

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