PBC uses a data driven approach to offer end-to-end selection solutions customised to suit your organisation. We provide off the shelf solutions or a customised, research-based approach to ensure your selection processes are efficient and effective in identifying the right candidates, at the right time, in the right role.

PBC supports organisations to select the right people for roles from graduates, front line, mid-level manager, all the way through to our executive selection packages. Our solutions include the use of valid and reliable diagnostics through to full service assessment centres.

"Acquiring the right talent is the most important key to growth. Hiring was - and still is - the most important thing we do." - Marc Bennioff, Founder, Chairman and co-CEO of Salesforce

Why PBC selection solutions?

PBC’s selection solutions are tailored to your organisation to reduce turnover, increase engagement and productivity, lower selection costs and maximise performance.

Off the shelf or tailored

PBC can provide lower touch off the shelf solutions, or solutions tailored to your needs


Can be used in volume selection applications


Compare your data to relevant external Australian or global benchmarks

Administration options

A range of administration options are available from a full Bureau service to self- administration

Accessible portal

our easy to use portal enables full administrative control and a positive candidate experience


Both qualitative and quantitative feedback can be provided


Hogan assessments provide off the shelf fit reports for 7 job families

Measure ROI

Capture Return on Investment using your people data

Supporting Documentation

Access a range of supporting resources such as technical manuals, user guides, interview guides

Languages (Hogan)

Available in 46 languages

Privacy and Security

We comply with all industry best practice privacy and security requirements


PBC's executive selection solutions help to identify executive capability through understanding leadership potential, judgement and reasoning. Access PBC's and Hogan’s extensive research regarding leadership capability, effectiveness and benchmarks.

Hiring the right people to lead an organisation is a vital task due to the impact leaders have in driving culture, engagement and organisational performance. Using robust assessments in the selection process increases the likelihood of identifying the best leader or executive for the role. As each executive role is unique, it is important to understand the competencies required for success.

PBC has extensive experience and the right tools to assist organisations in:

  • Understanding the requirements of the role
  • Assessing applicants’ capability
  • Determining the most suitable candidate

PBC has access to Hogan’s extensive body of research on leadership capability to inform all our leadership selection solutions and we regularly update our Australian leadership benchmark data.

PBC leverages Hogan’s personality assessments to establish a leader’s:

  • Day to day personality when at their best
  • How they are likely to behave under stress or pressure
  • Core values, goals and interests that determine career satisfaction and the type of culture they will build
  • How they process information, make decisions and respond to feedback

Once a selection decision has been made, PBC is able to provide expertise in the areas of on-boarding, coaching and development to ensure a smooth transition into the role to maximise engagement, performance and retention.

As each executive role is unique, it is important to understand the competencies required for success.

Executive - Selection Related Products


PBC’s manager focused solutions ensure managers have the capability to get the job done and build effective teams. Middle managers play a pivotal role in organisations. They are the conduit between your senior leaders' strategy and those getting the job done. As such they have unique competency requirements. PBC can help you identify great managers with the potential to drive the future success of your organisation.

Studies show organisations with strong leadership are 13 times more likely to outperform their competition, and three times more likely to retain their most talented employees.

Manager - Selection Related Products

Entry level / Front line

Identify candidates that will have the necessary people skills, work ethic and learning skills to fit your organisational requirements. PBC can provide off the shelf fit reports against 7 job families, safety focused reports, your own competency dashboard through Hogan Configure, or we can help you to build your own job profile for selecting those candidates with the right fit to your organisation.

Successful businesses make certain they’re hiring the right people for each job. That first step leads to increased productivity, reduced turnover, more engaged employees, and a better bottom line.

Entry Level/Front Line - Selection Related Products

Graduates & Interns

PBC are experts in designing and implementing graduate selection programs that not only identify the best graduate talent, they also provide a great candidate experience.


What does a good graduate look like?

The graduate market is highly competitive. Finding the best graduates for your future talent pipeline can be challenging.

PBC helps organisations to identify key knowledge, skills, attributes and capabilities required by graduates in their organisation.  This is done through a variety of methods, including focus groups with subject matter experts, review of past graduate data, using external analytics and conducting online job analysis surveys.  PBC synthesises all these inputs to create a unique graduate profile for your organisation, and divisions within your organisation that may have highly specialised requirements.



How do we select the best graduates for our organisation?

The graduate market is highly competitive. Finding the best graduates for your future talent pipeline can be challenging.  Once the key people requirements of the graduate role have been identified, PBC helps organisations to:

  • Design a customised graduate selection process to suit the needs of the organisation and identify those graduates with the strongest fit in terms of organisational capabilities and values
  • Implement robust assessment methodologies to identify top graduate talent
  • Manage the end to end assessment process ensuring that the candidate experience is of the highest quality

PBC works with organisations in the public and private sector to design graduate selection solutions that are both efficient and cost-effective.

The graduate market is highly competitive. Finding the best graduates for your future talent pipeline can be challenging.

Graduates and Interns - Selection Related Products

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“Some of the team now know they have what it takes to be leaders. The program has given them the skill sets to become leaders.”

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