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PBC’s Coaching philosophy is evidenced based, context specific, and draws on over three decades of global research benchmarking leadership capability and leadership effectiveness. Gold standard personality and 360-degree assessment tools are key to self-awareness and professional development. These data insights inform our coaching practice and our ability to track and measure success for sustained behavioural change and business performance.

PBC – “AAAA” Method

PBC four-stage approach to assessing personality, coaching for success, and measuring results.


Our coaching methodology


PBC believes that all talent can be nurtured, and with self-awareness, and persistence, leadership capabilities can be developed.

PBC believes the key considerations for a successful coaching program include:

Finding the right coach
Given coaching can be a very personal experience, we take time to find the right coach to ensure individuals have the opportunity to maximise career potential.

Understanding the coachee
Utilising a combination of an online career snapshot survey, Hogan Assessment instruments and 360 degree feedback, facilitates a highly targeted approach to understanding the coachee’s strengths and areas for improvement. This results in measurable improvements in participant’s knowledge (knowing what to do) and personal effectiveness (knowing how to do it).

Three-way collaboration
Executive sponsorship by both coachees manager and HRBP ensure that high level coaching goals and expectations are aligned and tracked for success

Linking personal goals to the organisational strategy This ensures that personal improvement results in business improvement and ultimately business success.

Evaluating progress
Quantitative and qualitative measures (such as the Hogan 360) are used to evaluate the coaching program on an ongoing basis including business results and KPI’s.

Our coaching solutions
We offer a wide range of different types of coaching interventions which include:

  • Executive coaching
  • Performance coaching
  • Transition and on-boarding coaching
  • Coaching to embed leadership programs
  • Career coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Mentoring


Why PBC Coaching

As the Australian distributor of the Hogan suite of assessments, and the publisher of the Hogan 360, our practitioners and associates are the leading experts in the delivery of selection and development programs featuring these assessments.

We employ highly experienced and qualified Organisational Psychologists, Coaches and Facilitators to ensure that the coaching and facilitation solutions we provide are grounded in an evidence base and are delivered with exceptional quality.

We have access to a global network of experienced coaches and facilitators creating a consistent approach to delivery and achievement of outcomes.

See results in every area of your business


Watch our video "Coaching For Success" to hear from our Managing Director, Peter Berry, about the latest coaching trends; and learn about our best practice approach, and how to measure ROI from our Head of Coaching, Leigh Wallace.

For any coaching enquiries please contact Leigh Wallace

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