The science of personality

Hogan Assessements

Hogan uses the powerful science of personality assessment to support organisations to select the right people, develop talented employees, build great leaders, and impact the bottom line. Grounded in more than four decades of validated research, Hogan assessments were the first to scientifically measure personality for business.

With products and services in 56 countries and 47 languages, Hogan remains the industry leader in the science of personality. PBC is proud to be the official Australian Hogan Distributor. Hogan assessments are personality tests that predict performance.

Why Hogan

Hogan has more than 30 years of experience providing cutting-edge assessment and consulting solutions to some of the world’s largest companies, including over half the Fortune 500.


Drs. Joyce and Robert Hogan were the first to prove that personality predicts workplace performance by helping businesses dramatically reduce turnover and increase productivity by hiring the right people, developing key talent, and evaluating leadership potential.

Global reach

Hogan’s network of distributors empowers PBC to provide global assessment services. Hogan’s international research team sets industry standards for international selection and development testing, and has positioned Hogan as a global leader in assessments.


Our consultants combine years of practical experience with Hogan’s powerful assessments to help identify your company’s needs and design tailored solutions across the employee lifecycle.


Hogan’s online assessment platform enables users to take the assessments anywhere, any time, and empowers organisations to take control of the assessment process. Hogan’s assessments integrate with a variety of human resource information systems and meet all privacy requirements.


Hogan draws on the latest findings and research practices to develop new assessments, reports, and other tools to meet market needs. The Hogan Research Division maintains an archive of case studies demonstrating ROI across virtually every industry and job title.

Who uses Hogan Assessments?

Hogan has over 30 years of experience providing assessments solutions for employee selection and development. Hundreds of validation studies demonstrate the extent to which the assessments predict performance. Organizations using Hogan rely on the tools to improve quality of hire, facilitate individual development, and enhance team effectiveness. As the traits measured by the Hogan tools are particularly salient in leadership, the assessment suite is widely used for leadership development from middle management to the executive level.

The Hogan assessment tools are available in over 40 languages and used by organizations in more than 50 countries. We work with organizations of all sizes – from small firms to Fortune 500 global companies in diverse industries, such as financial services, pharmaceuticals, retail, and consumer goods. One million personality assessments are processed every year and over 9 million people have completed our assessments.

Get Hogan Certified

Comprehensive training on how to use Hogan's personality assessments.

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