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During the current COVID-19 situation, we are pleased to offer virtual solutions for our certification workshops, including our Hogan Assessments Certification program. Additional virtual qualifications for our 360 suite and team solutions are available.

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The certification workshop provides comprehensive training on how to use Hogan's personality assessments.


Hogan Certification Workshop Australia-Wide

  • Date: Jun 25 2020 - Jun 26
    Duration: 2 days (16 hrs)
    Price: $3,465.00
  • Date: Jul 23 2020 - Jul 24
    Duration: 2 days (16 hrs)
    Price: $3,465.00


Register for online qualifications

Our collection of online qualifications support the implementation of a range of Hogan and PBC diagnostics.

Customised Certification Workshop

Customised Certification Workshop

PBC regularly offer clients private workshops for larger groups. We can tailor the workshop to your specific requirements, be it selection, development or coaching.

For more information on our customised certification workshop options, please contact us: workshops@peterberry.com.au

Global Certifications

Global Certifications

PBC can support multinational clients with certification globally through the distributor network. Certifications are offered in over 50 countries.

For more information about our global certification options, please contact us.

Certification Workshop 1

Invaluable. Hard to think about recruiting any senior roles without having potential candidates undertake the Hogan assessment. Feel comfortable assessing the scales and providing input to hiring managers.

Hogan Assessments Certification Workshop Participant
Certification workshop 2

Enjoyable. Challenging. Made me think + reflect on insights. Can see benefits in terms of using it as a coach.

Hogan Assessments Certification Workshop Participant

Get Hogan Certified

Comprehensive training on how to use Hogan's personality assessments.

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