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HPTA Qualification

Measures team performance and helps teams understand their mix of strengths and opportunities.

Certification and Qualifications
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The PBC High Performing Team Assessment (HPTA) measures team performance across 12 critical themes for success. It provides real insights into team performance and culture for team development and planning and provides constructive feedback. The HPTA can be used in conjunction with individual Hogan Assessments and the Hogan Team Report

The assessment can be used to track changes in team performance and culture over time and to benchmark a teams’ performance within your organisation or against other teams

The HPTA Assessment Suite consists of the HPTA Executive, HPTA Management, HPTA Frontline and HPTA Agile

*This is a complimentary qualification

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  • Provides clear metrics for team performance and culture
  • Provides an immediate action plan to develop a high performing team
  • Is easily administered online with a 15 minute completion time
  • Straightforward delivery/facilitation of results
  • Supported by technical reference guide
  • Various team benchmarks available

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