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Work-related Risk and Integrity Scale (WRISc) Qualification

WRISc is a covert personality-based measure of integrity that is designed to measure a range of counter productive work behaviours in organisational settings.

Hogan Certification and Qualifications
30 minutes
0 prerequisite
Method of delivery
30 minutes

The WRISc is a covert, or personality-based integrity measure developed with the specific aim of minimising a range of negative behaviours that can cause harm to an organisation, or individuals within an organisation. Such behaviours are collectively known as counterproductive work behaviours (CWB).

The scales of the WRISc are based on a psychological body of empirical and theoretical research on counterproductive work behaviour, integrity testing, criminal risk and normal risk-taking. Thus, the assessment provides a measure of an individual’s propensity to engage counterproductive work and risk-taking behaviours.


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