Hogan High Potential 360

The Hogan HiPo 360 measures individuals against three integral components of leadership and supports organisations develop their high potential talent.

The Hogan High-Potential 360 (Hogan HiPo 360) is part of the Hogan 360 suite and is based on Hogan’s model of high potential talent. The Hogan HiPo 360 measures individuals against three integral components of leadership and supports organisations develop their high potential talent in terms of their:

  • Leadership foundations
  • Leadership emergence and
  • Leadership effectiveness

The Hogan HiPo 360 can be used in conjunction with the Hogan High Potential Talent Report to provide a deep understanding of the individual from both a personality and behavioural perspective.


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Emergence is not effectiveness, leverage science to identify and develop your talent.

Why Hogan High Potential 360

A multi rater specifically designed to support the development of your high potential talent.


Both qualitative and quantitative feedback can be provided to reinforce development feedback.

Action planning

The Hogan High Potential 360 makes specific recommendations for immediate action planning.

Compare over time

Reports can include pre and post scores to measure change over time.

Measure ROI

Capture Return on Investment on your high potential development programs.


Compare your data to relevant external benchmarks.

Privacy and Security

We comply with all industry best practice privacy and security requirements.

Supporting Documentation

Access a range of supporting resources such as technical guide, feedback guide and development activities guide.


Available in English and Japanese.


Can be used to inform highly effective development programs.


Can be used with individuals and teams.

More information

  • To support individual and group high potential development programs
  • Ideally combined with the Hogan High Potential Talent Report using Hogan’s personality assessments for a more comprehensive development conversation
  • To prepare the participant for effective development action planning
Language Availability
  • English
  • Japanese


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"The immediate impacts to the business were leaders were able to make some small changes to their behaviour immediately to be seen as more effective by their stakeholders."

Jennifer Vos
Learning & Development Manager
Robert Hogan - 360

In addition to their expertise with the Hogan assessments, PBC has developed a superb stand-alone 360 assessment that parallels the Hogan suite. The Hogan 360, powered by PBC, is also a uniquely powerful method for evaluating and enhancing the performance of teams—there is nothing like it anywhere for team development.

Robert Hogan
Founder and President, Hogan Assessments

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