PBC and Hogan Update the Hogan 360 Assessment


Apr 08, 2024


Hogan 360 Updates

Peter Berry Consultancy and Hogan Assessments are committed to the continued improvement of their assessments and products. As part of this commitment, we are pleased to announce forthcoming changes to the Hogan 360 assessment. The rollout will occur in phases, beginning with Australia in Q2 2024, before launching globally. We are confident that these changes will provide better talent insights and an improved user experience for our clients.


Ten years have passed since the last major review of the Hogan 360. To ensure that the Hogan 360 remains a valid, reliable assessment that reflects best practices, we conducted research on rater data and open-text comments to identify the assessment items that had the strongest correlations and to ensure the wording of the items reflected raters’ most common wording. We also considered feedback received from users of the assessment tool in relation to certain items.


Our extensive research ensured that changes made to the Hogan 360 were evidence-based and enhanced the rigour of the assessment. We analysed data from approximately 2,500 Hogan 360 assessments to examine correlations between the Hogan 360, the Hogan personality assessments, and the Hogan Competency Model. We also conducted a qualitative analysis on more than 87,000 open-text comments from approximately 5,000 Hogan 360s. Based on these quantitative and qualitative analyses, changes were made at the item and theme levels. These changes include retiring items, adding new items, and changing the wording of some existing items. 


“Many organisations are looking for customised 360 assessments,” said Peter Berry, managing director, Peter Berry Consultancy. “Typically, they will reflect the values, strategy, and leadership competency framework of the organisation. There are several customisation options available when using the Hogan 360, including additional items, open-ended questions, and benchmarks. There’s also competency mapping to the organisation’s framework so the reports reflect the organisation’s unique language.”


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