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Thought Leadership Forum & Masterclass New Zealand


Feb 23, 2023

Wellington / Auckland


Join us in February for our annual Thought Leadership Forum. International guest, Dr Ryne Sherman, Chief Science Officer at Hogan Assessments will be presenting along with Peter Berry, Managing Director at PBC.


Wellington Monday 20th February
Auckland Thursday 23rd February


7:45 to 8:30 AM Networking Breakfast
8:30 to 9:30 AM Presentations Commence
9:30 AM Finish



Leadership and Collective Blindness to Ambition
Presenter: Dr Ryne Sherman, Chief Science Officer, Hogan Assessments
The personality trait most linked to career success is Ambition. Despite this, academic psychology has largely ignored and stigmatised ambition. 

  • We define Ambition and highlight the consequences of ignoring it.
  • We describe how factor models of personality, such as the Big 5 and HEXACO models, fail to account for Ambition.
  • We describe the reputational and work performance correlates of Ambition, showing clear differentiation from Extraversion and Conscientiousness.
  • We conclude with the practical consequences of why Ambition matters when discussing personality, how it is related to personality structures and what it predicts. 

Executive Presence
Presenter: Peter Berry, Managing Director, Peter Berry Consultancy
Leadership is not about attributes, it’s about behaviour.  Effective leadership depends on the characteristics of those in the role, and importantly, their level of self-awareness.  It goes without saying that as a leader, you need to have an executive presence.  It’s a term that’s used a lot in the business world, but what does it mean?  In this session, we cover the most in demand coaching competency in the world; executive presence.

  • It’s about leaders being passionate about purpose, people and performance
  • The best leaders understand that they get better results through high performing teams and employee engagement
  • The good news is that leadership can be measured, coached and improved


9:45AM to 12:30PM         Masterclass Commences
Dr Ryne Sherman and Peter Berry welcome all Hogan Certified Users to a complimentary PBC Hogan Masterclass. The masterclass will include an interactive agenda which provides updates on:

  • An insight into forthcoming changes to Hogan Personality Assessments
  • Global research and coaching trends
  • Fresh insights into Hogan Personality Assessments including a deep dive into key scales and subscales
  • Correlations and conflicts across the inventories
  • Combining the Hogan Personality Assessments with the Hogan 360
  • Case studies
  • Hogan competency model learnings
  • Peer review and sharing

2022 Masterclass Attendee Reflections
Thank you, Peter Berry, for such an informative and engaging session.  And thank you to both you and Shayne Nealon and all the wonderful people at PBC for the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with the Brains Trust across PBC and the Associate community.  So many great take aways, love the new and emerging research and findings.  I am spending today reflecting in new ways on some of the traits across the Hogan Personality inventories, confirming in my mind how important sub-scales are, and the need to always put Hogan inventories in the context of the Hogan 360.” Michelle Taylor


Friday 27th January 2023.  

Monday 20th February 2023 Thursday 23rd February 2023
Bowen Campus PwC Tower
Putahi Room, 40 Bowen Street, Pipitea
Wellington 6011 New Zealand
Toroa Room, Level 27, 15 Customs Street West
CBD Auckland 1010 New Zealand

If you would like to attend both the Thought Leadership Forum and the Hogan Certified Users Masterclass*, we ask that you register separately for each event using the links below. 


*Masterclass for Hogan Certified Users only

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