Case Study - Flight Attendant Selection



Peter Berry Consultancy was engaged by this regional airline in 2006 to conduct research to develop a customised Hogan profile for selecting their flight attendants.  The customised Hogan report had to:

  • Predict occupational success
  • Measure organisational fit
  • Be able to meet the unique requirements of the aviation industry
  • Assist with improving employee engagement
  • Provide a valid, fair, reliable standardised and legally defensible instrument
  • Allow for quick hiring decisions
  • Handle high volume recruitment (internet and pen and paper options available)
  • Easily integrate into existing selection procedures
  • Be able to be administered and interpreted by non-psychologists
  • Be user friendly
  • Be cost effective

And had to eliminate the following:

  • Ineffective interactions with customers
  • Emotionally-charged reactions to crisis situations
  • Poor vigilance in high risk situations
  • Lack of reliability
  • Procedural violations and insubordination
  • Poor work ethic
  • Create a caring environment for the unique customer base


PBC conducted a criterion study to establish the unique requirements for flight attendants for this regional operation.  PBC managed the process from end to end.  Tasks included: Job evaluation study, job characteristics analysis, job preferences and competencies analysis, data analysis in conjunction with Hogan Assessment Sytems who have extensive airline industry experience for over 14 years across a range of roles. Hogan hold data from over 7000 aviation employees. The final customised report drew upon the unique requirements for the regional airline in conjunction with the overall suitability requirements of the flight attendants. PBC also provided certification training to use the Hogans.


The airline embarked upon a total review of its selection practices and reported the following benefits:

  • Reduced turnover
  • Improved employee performance through training based on the Hogan profiles
  • Improved customer service ratings
  • Improved engagement levels from flight attendants

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