Case Study - Graduate Selection



The organisation is a property, funds management and infrastructure business with activities in construction, commercial, retail, and residential property, property management services, and infrastructure. The organisation invests considerable resources (time and financial) to its graduate recruitment process to select the best possible candidates for the role.  The organisation also identified that cultural and personality fit was a key determiner of whether the recruit would be successful both in the short and long term and hence required a method of identifying the fit during the selection process.


The organisation was internally accredited in the Hogan and used the HPI, MVPI and HDS profiles for leadership development with the executive team.  HR decided to implement the HPI, MVPI and HDS during the final stages of the graduate recruitment process in order to supplement information gathered from resumes, interviews and reference checks.   The Hogan assessments were implemented to candidates prior to the final interview to provide the selection committee with detailed information about their personalities and whether they would fit into the strong culture that existed within the organisation.  The selection committee used information gathered from the Hogan assessments to develop individual probing questions for the candidates.


The organisation typically chooses 8 candidates per year and expects at least 2 to 3 to leave (voluntarily) within the first 12 months.  In 2008, the first year that the Hogan Profiles were used, only 1 out of 8 chosen candidates left the organisation within the first 12 months.  The organisation reports that remaining 7 graduates are performing exceptionally.

The organisation uses the Hogans as part of a multi-hurdled approach to select the right candidates for the roles.  The Selection committee relies heavily on the data captured by the Hogan profiles to provide vital information required to make a well-rounded, fully informed decision about final selections in the annual recruitment drive.

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