Case Study - Job Analysis and Recruitment

Job Analysis and Recruitment
Health Services
Hogan Assessments, Job Evaluation Tool (JET) and Configure


PBC partnered with an occupational health services provider to improve their existing recruitment processes. The role in question involved dealing with ambiguity and a high workload, as well as building and maintaining strong client relationships. At the time, the organisation was facing a high degree of turnover in this role and prior attempts at addressing the issue had been unsuccessful.


PBC initially consulted with the organisation to understand the specific job-related characteristics that were required for success – the knowledge, skills and abilities of high performing job incumbents. Part of this process involved carrying out a job analysis, and utilising the Job Evaluation Tool (JET), a survey designed to identify the essential personality characteristics required to perform successfully in a role.

The JET was completed by a range of subject-matter experts: high performing job incumbents, managers and job design experts internally. The JET results were compiled alongside job information gathered by PBC to build a success profile that could be used to inform recruitment and selection strategies. The success profile included information about the desired day-to-day personality characteristics, the derailment tendencies that might have a negative impact on performance, the desired values and drivers, as well as important workplace competencies.


The success profile continues to be utilised by the organisation to inform internal and external recruitment and selection. The versatility of the process also enables the organisation to use the profile to inform development for existing job incumbents, and to assist in selecting the best candidates for the role. The profile has been used alongside Hogan’s Configure dashboard system, a high-volume recruitment solution which enables the organisation to assess job candidates against the desired competency profile. While high turnover remains both a role and industry issue, the organisation has identified that the process has improved the rigour of their selection and development practices.

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