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Introducing the Agile Leader 360


Nov 01, 2019


Peter Berry Consultancy (PBC) is pleased to announce the launch of our latest multi-rater offering, the Agile Leader 360. Developed in conjunction with metaBeratung, the Agile Leader 360 was built on, and is supported by, IMD Business School’s Agile Leader model.

Many leaders today find it challenging to cope with the increasing pace of change, much of which is driven by the digitisation of products, processes and business models. Individuals who successfully navigate through the opportunities and challenges of market disruption are referred to as agile leaders.

The Agile Leader 360 aims to assist leaders at any level of an organisation gain a better understanding of how they are truly perceived by others and thereby improve their agile leadership capability.

“Leadership drives employee engagement and organisational performance. The best way of gaining a baseline assessment of leadership capability in an era of market disruption and digital technology is by using the Agile Leader 360.”

Peter Berry, Peter Berry Consultancy

The Agile Leader 360 measures a leader based on the Agile Leader competencies; Humility, Adaptability, Engagement and Visionary, as well as the Agile Leader behaviours; Hyperaware, Making Informed Decisions and Executing at Speed.

“The volatility of business environments driven by rapid, accelerating, digital technology and business model change requires a new management approach, which we call Agile Leadership. Our research suggests that Agile Leaders combine high levels of humility, adaptiveness, vision, and engagement with the specific business behaviours of hyperawareness, informed decision-making, and fast execution to navigate through disruptive operating environments.”


The multi-rater aspect of the Agile Leader 360 ensures evaluations are elicited from multiple sources from within the leader’s work circle (e.g., from direct reports, peers, and managers). These diverse perspectives help provide a real-time snapshot of a leader’s attitude, behaviour, and performance, and reveal strengths and development opportunities that may not be seen from a single perspective.

Due to the confidential and anonymous nature of the responses, the Agile Leader 360 allows raters to provide honest feedback that might otherwise be difficult to solicit. The report provides users with an agile leadership framework, offers constructive feedback and sets priorities for improvement.


  • Supported by The Agile Leader model developed by IMD business school
  • Snapshot of a leader’s attitude, behaviour and performance
  • Provides qualitative and quantitative feedback
  • Reveals strengths and development opportunities
  • Global benchmarks
  • Internationally compliant software which meets the global data and privacy standards (including GDPR)
  • Various administration options including bureau service and super user access to support client requirements
  • Access to real time dashboard to monitor project status


Find out more about the Agile Leader 360.

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