Case Study - Frontline Supervisor Leadership Program

Frontline Supervisor Leadership Program
Retail Industry
Hogan 360


This fast-growing retail chain had recently promoted 60 warehouse staff into leadership positions and engaged Peter Berry Consultancy to develop and deliver a customised leadership program designed to fast-track their development and target specific skills required.


The PBC 360 Degree Feedback was used for each of the supervisors prior to the Leadership Program design process. Analysis of the results provided PBC with key information about the leaders’ skills gap and the program was designed to address this gap.

The program was delivered in a 1-Day workshop (20 supervisors in each workshop) followed by 1 hour private coaching sessions with each manager. During the program, each supervisor received their individual feedback from the 360 Degree Feedback process and completed a self development plan.


The supervisor leadership development program was initially met with trepidation and uncertainty from the participants. The workshops scored an excellent overall rating of 88% from the 60 participants.

Post the intervention, reports from the management team are extremely positive. According to the managers, the 360 Degree Feedback provided evident self awareness and insight for these individuals, positively impacting their day-to-day impact as supervisors. The program was so successful, PBC were invited to develop a leadership program for the top 2000 leaders within the organisation.

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