SIOP Preview: An update on the 360 market

Mar 06, 2020


Author: Peter Berry, Managing Director, PBC


The 360 market continues to grow in Australia and Globally

The 360 assessment is now well established in HR practices. It has moved from being simply a feedback conversation to a development and career compass. Research shows that leadership drives engagement which in turn drives performance. The biggest driver of employee engagement is the immediate manager and the management team. The most effective way of measuring and improving leadership effectiveness is to combine a 360 with personality assessments.
Self-awareness is the starting point for emotional intelligence. The 360 gives you a baseline score. It compares self-ratings against the rating of managers, peers and reports. The ratings from direct reports can provide a key insight as to whether the manager is leading an engaged team. Strategic self-awareness comes from benchmarking one’s results against an external benchmark.
The Hogan 360 is science based and is backed by a robust global benchmark which is updated annually. It has an impressive degree of reliability and validity supported by a technical manual, a development guide, numerous whitepapers and research articles. The tables that captures strengths and opportunities are unique.

I will be speaking about the latest developments on 360s at the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) in Austin, Texas in April 2020 with Ryne Sherman, Sathi Banerjee (Leadership Assessment Lead, Shell International Ltd.). Allan Church (Senior Vice President of Global Talent Assessment and Development, PepsiCo) and Rob Kaiser (President, Kaiser Leadership Solutions).

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