Why using personality and 360 assessments in tandem is a no brainer!


Oct 06, 2021


There is no denying that personality is vitally important to leadership – it drives behaviour and performance which in turn impacts reputation. Reputation is how one’s behaviour is perceived by others, and it is just as important as personality in making or breaking a leader. Using personality and 360 assessments in tandem can help a leader to develop strategic self-awareness, a cornerstone to building reputation and ensuring leadership success.

Hogan personality assessments measure one’s motivations and likely behaviour. They capture the inside, the bright side and the dark side of personality, covering idealised self, an individual’s strengths and their potential derailers, as well as capturing internal values and motivators. Personality is truly important to leadership as it drives the leader’s behaviour, performance and ultimately reputation. Externally, it impacts others, driving employee engagement and team performance.

The Hogan 360 sheds light on reputation, or how one’s behaviour is perceived by others. Feedback from managers, peers, and direct reports highlights favourable and adverse habits and makes it possible to identify and target behaviours that should be continued and those that require improvement. We are what we habitually do, so developing good habits is paramount.

Ultimately, leaders are responsible for achieving organisational goals and they rely on their teams to deliver results. The reputation of the leader (measured through 360 assessment) influences the culture and performance of the team, so it stands to reason that the leader’s effectiveness is judged by the performance of the team.

The good news is that leadership can be learnt. It is observable, measurable and improvable. Personality and 360 assessments used in tandem are the key to unlocking self-awareness, allowing a person to effectively manage their reputation. “By combining Hogan 360 data with Hogan personality assessment data, we compare the public person with the private person to build strategic self-awareness and career success.” Dr Robert Hogan.

Behaviour change takes focus, motivation, deliberate practice and support. The Hogan 360 is critical to bringing focus to the behaviours requiring change. Learning leadership competencies requires disciplined self-management of one’s core personality and the necessary learned behaviours to drive engagement and performance.

Combining the Hogan 360 with Hogan personality assessments is the most efficient and cost-effective way to gather performance related information. This information provides leaders with valuable insights to build self-awareness and is vital in helping them to learn, practise and internalise changes to become more effective leaders.

For over 30 years, Peter Berry Consultancy (PBC) has been using an evidence-based approach to leadership assessment and development to ensure future leaders drive strategic and sustainable success in their organisations. Our team of qualified organisation psychologists and executive coaches work with businesses large and small to create tailored leader development programs. To learn more about the benefits of combining Hogan personality and Hogan 360 assessments download our whitepaper: Combining personality and 360 assessments for effective leadership development. 


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