The Motives, Values, and Preferences Inventory (MVPI) describes the core values, goals, drivers, and interests that determine what we strive to attain.  Assessing an individual’s values can give insight into what motivates candidates to succeed, and in what type of position, job, and environment they will be most productive.



  • Culture fit – The MVPI examines how well an individual may fit within an organisation’s culture, as people are happiest working in environments that are compatible with their core values
  • Team Development – The MVPI evaluates the compatibility of staff members based on their motives – this is, is everyone striving towards the same goal?
  • Career Planning – The MVPI assists people in formulating strategies for their careers by clarifying the areas of interest they should pursue


  • Available in multiple languages
  • Evaluates the fit between values and culture
  • Predicts success and job satisfaction
  • Instantaneous scoring and reporting output
  • Online administration
  • Validated in over 100 organisations
  • No invasive or intrusive items
  • No adverse impact
  • Australian and Global norms available

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