Hogan General Employability

General Employability, part of Hogan’s Select series is a selection report designed to help you identify the highest performing candidates for entry level roles.

Organisations need an effective way to evaluate large applicant pools, but many entry-level positions don’t need exhaustive, time-consuming analysis. General Employability, part of Hogan’s Select series, uses a streamlined, brief assessment to provide a visual representation of a candidate’s basic ability to do the job. The quick snapshot displays how employable a candidate is based on their people skills, learning skills, and work ethic, along with a fit recommendation and customised interview questions.

Hogan Select General Employability measures how well a candidate expresses the three key characteristics of well performing employees: People Skills, Learning Skills, Work Ethic


  • Designed to predict general employability across a range of entry level job roles
  • Validated against employability success criteria
  • Can be used in volume selection applications as provides an overall fit recommendation
  • Easy to interpret report that doesn’t require certification
  • Our easy to use portal enables full administrative control and a positive candidate experience
  • Online delivery and instantaneous report generation


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