Peter Berry talks leadership


Aug 30, 2019


When Peter Berry visited Hogan HQ in Tulsa, Oklahoma recently, he shared some thoughts about the topic of leadership. Read on for a few key highlights.

Author: Peter Berry, Managing Director, Peter Berry Consultancy

One of the things that Bob Hogan and I are absolutely passionate about is the field of leadership. We believe that leadership has the single biggest impact on the culture and performance of any organisation, whether it’s a president, prime minister, CEO, or the Head of a sports team.

There are some exciting developments happening in the next year in the space of leadership assessment, and there has been some research around this topic recently released.

  1. The first piece of research is about what are the trends in coaching globally. Coaching and leadership development programs are continuing to grow. The statistics are that 50% of organisations are spending significantly on leadership development programs and coaching. The great news is that in using psychometrics, Hogan is used by 72% of organisations, far ahead of their competitors who are in the 20%s. the other good news is that 90% of organisations are using a 360 and increasingly we think that’s the Hogan 360.
    Download the full research piece here.

  2. The second research is ‘The Handbook of Strategic 360 Feedback’, which discusses the growth of 360s and coaching, and touches on how integrating 360 feedback with personality assessments can provide a powerful combination for strategic self-awareness-based leadership development.

We believe that the world is now fast catching up on the belief that leadership is the most important driver of employee engagement and bottom-line results, so investing in leadership is in fact an investment in your bottom line. We continue to grow the Hogan 360 in multiple languages, and there are different versions (Hogan 360, Hogan High Potential 360, Hogan Leader Focus 360). Put the Hogan assessments with the Hogan 360 and I always say there’s no place to hide. Give me that data and that’s all I need to coach a senior manager.

We’re very excited that we continue to play in the leadership space. We’re so proud that Hogan has rightly been identified as the gold standard for personality assessments and that the Hogan 360 is a perfect companion piece. We can certainly make a difference and that’s our passion.

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