Matrigma measures cognitive ability – a person’s ability to solve problems, plan ahead and draw logical conclusions.

Research shows that a candidate’s level of cognitive ability helps to predict job performance, job satisfaction, voluntary turnover, and training performance as well as counter-productive work behaviours. In more complex jobs, such as managerial or specialist roles, cognitive ability has an even higher impact.



  • Stand-alone measure at the outset of a high-volume selection program
  • Used to complement other tools in a selection process
  • Can be used from Graduates to Senior Executives


  • Non-verbal format for seamless integration across languages
  • Items are randomised so participants can never take the same test twice
  • Strong predictor of future job performance
  • Based on decades of research into cognitive ability and job performance
  • Both supervised and unsupervised testing available
  • International Norm Group
  • Multiple languages available

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